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Thermal Imaging Leak Detection

Thermal Imaging Leak Detection

A thermal imaging camera will detect differences in temperature which detects signs of leakage before they are known.

RJT uses thermal imaging cameras to detect and locate leaks under concrete slabs, interior walls and behind tiled surfaces such as balconies. This camera can also locate hot water pipes inside the wall.

Thermal Imaging Leak Detection

Thermal imaging cameras are a very effective method of investigating water leaks, with images showing the type and location of the leak. Once the leak is confirmed, RJT’s plumbing service team can drill with precision and make any necessary repairs.

The RJT team have expertise and a wide range of specialised repair tools to repair leaks quickly and on site.

Thermal assessments can provide proof of flood reporting, water ingress and water damage in the event of an insurance claim.

Have a mystery leak?

Give us a call and we’ll find your mystery leak using our thermal imaging technology