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Leaking Taps

Dripping Tap

Leaking Taps

A leaking tap can be the most annoying problem to have. Taps that drip constantly waste a lot of water. The good news is that the water wastage is entirely avoidable.

The QLD government estimates that a slow leaking tap can waste up to 9,000 liters of water every year. With water prices constantly increasing, that’s water you pay for and don’t even use. A simple replacement or repair will solve the problem in no time.

RJT Plumbing are available during the day and after hours across Brisbane Metro and Brisbane North. If your leaking tap explodes into a plumbing emergency, give RJT Plumbing & Gas Solutions a call. They’ll fix the problem right, the first time.

Leaking Taps

A worn out, or incorrectly installed washer is the most common cause of a leaking or dripping tap. Other common reasons include:

  • A loose O-ring
  • Seals are worn out
  • Broken or damaged pipes
  • Corrosion
  • Water pressure is too high


Our plumbers can inspect your leaking tap to correctly identify the problem. RJT can solve any of the problems listed above to ensure that your taps are running perfectly once again, leak free.

If your tapware is beyond repair because of age or damage, our plumber can recommend a new and modern tap. Our team can install it quickly and easily for you. A new tap installation can also give a whole new look for your kitchen, bathroom or laundry.

RJT  can also provide tap servicing, repairs and replacements. Shower rail and hose replacements. No job too big or too small.

Worried about a leaking tap?

Contact RJT Plumbing & Gas Solutions to quickly resolve your leak.