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Blocked Toilet

Block Toilet

Blocked Toilet

A blocked toilet is a nuisance and is often messy. It’s not something you want to deal with on your own. The good news is RJT Plumbing and Gas can have an expert come to you.

We can take on anything and everything to do with your toilet and cistern. We’ll have it flushing in no time with a thorough, long term solution as well.

Whether you need repairs or a replacement toilet, RJT can get the job done. We provide emergency plumbing or even general maintenance for your toilet or cistern.

To find out more about how we can help you, or to book a plumber now give us a call.

blocked toilet

What causes a blocked Toilet?

A common cause of a blocked toilet is foreign objects. Most people know that the only things we should be depositing in a toilet are human waste and toilet paper. A large number of people like to use the toilet like a garbage disposal. Flushing away things like a dead goldfish or food waste. Some people even flush nappies. These objects get stuck and cause serious problems.

Another common cause of a blocked toilet is low flow. Some older model toilets can cause this issue. A low flow can prevent waste from flowing into the sewer system.

A blocked drain can sometimes be due to a lack of air and not water. This is an issue with the vent stack. It sounds odd, but without suitable vent air, your system could suffer from sewage backup. If your toilet trap is clear and the flow is good, a vent stack blockage could be the cause of the blocked toilet.

The team at RJT can also repair a damaged toilet or replace it if necessary. If you’re considering upgrading your toilet this is also an option that the team can provide. The team can also install over height toilets.

Having Trouble with a Blocked Toilet?

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