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Blocked Drains

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Blocked Drains

Drain Cleaning Experts Available Now.

Blocked drains are a major problem. They can lead to broken toilets, burst pipes or even leaking toilets.

RJT Plumbing & Gas Solutions take care of blockages with our drain cleaning tools. Our local plumbers are experts in fixing blocked drains. The team is available for emergencies or during business hours.

When you call RJT we send out an experienced drain cleaning specialist as soon as possible. This reduces the chance of the problem escalating.


What Causes Blocked Drains?

When a drain gets blocked, it means there’s something in the pipeline stopping the water flow. Causes for a blockage can vary.

Often they’re a hidden danger, with tree roots being one of the most common causes. With pipes buried underground, you only notice a problem when a drain doesn’t clear or the toilet backs up.

When you call RJT Plumbing & Gas Solutions we’ll use a drain inspection camera to discover the cause. This allows the team to provide the most cost effective long term solution.

Some of the main causes of blocked drains include:

  • Grease or grime build-up
  • Hair or pet fur
  • Toilet paper or baby wipes
  • Tree roots, garden waste or dirt
  • Collapsed or damaged pipes
  • Foreign objects


Our team has effective drain cleaning tools to dislodge any blockages in your pipes. This can prevent the problem from escalating and costing more.

RJT Plumbing & Gas can fix blocked stormwater or sewer, drains. Provide CCTV inspections. Down pipe replacement. Fix blocked showers, basins and kitchen sinks.

Signs of a Blocked Drain

Each blockage could cause its own unique problems, but there are some common signs you can keep an eye out for.

Look for water pooling around the shower or bathroom drains. A backed-up toilet that won’t flush or rank smells coming from drains. There may also be gurgling sounds within the pipes – or even loud banging.

Do you have blocked drains?

Contact us now to have an drain cleaning expert fix your problem.