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Low Water Pressure Repairs

Low Water Pressure Repairs

Homeowners often complain about low water pressure, especially at faucets and valves. The standard water pressure in the house should be 50 psi. PSI stands for pounds per square inch. PSI is a unit of measurement for water pressure. If the pressure is below 40 psi you could have a problem.

Here are some questions you should be able to answer to help find the root cause and solution to the problem.

Manometer measuring pressure

RJT Plumbing and Gas can replace single faulty faucets if this is the problem. If problem is caused by low pressure at the mains or from a well RJT can adjust pressure for you. It’s recommended that your Hot Water System is flushed every 12 months. RJT can provide this service if this is causing the problem. Finally, one of the common causes of low water pressure is corroded or damaged pipes which may require repair.

Do you have low water pressure?

Give the RJT Team a call to organise an inspection to resolves the problem.