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Gas Hot Water System

Gas Hot Water System

Why use Gas Hot Water Systems?

There’s nothing more enjoyable than a hot shower on a cold day, and a gas hot water system can provide daily luxury!

If you’re looking to convert to gas, repair or upgrade a current unit, RJT Plumbing & Gas Solutions can assist. RJT provides licensed gas fitting services in North Lakes and Brisbane North areas.

Gas hot water is a cost effective, energy efficient option for all households. Electric Systems could cost a third more on energy bills. Please note this depends on your individual circumstances.

There are a few big decisions to make with hot water, though, and we’re always ready to help. Deciding on which gas water heater is the best for your home, consider the following:
Gas Hot Water

Types of Gas Hot Water Units

There are two main types of gas hot water systems. Continuous flow, or instantaneous. They can run on mains natural gas or bottled LPG.
An instantaneous hot water system is a wall mounted unit. Water heats as it moves through internal pipes, and only as you need/use it. This is a cost effective supply of hot water. Perfect for smaller households or energy conscious people. In comparison to an electric storage tank the savings will be noticeable right away.

A gas storage tank heater takes up more space but does provide a larger supply of water for a bigger household. Being more energy efficient, it’s worth considering if you have access to natural gas.

No matter the type or brand, the location or task at hand, RJT Plumbing & Gas Solutions has the experience to help. We provide regular services and assess any issues you have. Our aim is to ensure your hot water system is performing at its peak.

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