These units have come a long way in design, engineering and materials. I can guide you through the many options on the market today.



A very effecient fuel to heat water, giving  your family a contant supply can eleviate pressures and family routines.


Solar, Heat Pump

Solar and heat pump systems are extremly effiecient, so much they can operate in colder climates and in snowy areas.


What is the most cost efective solution?

We can asses your needs and instalation varibles to come up with some great water heating solutions to meet everyones budget. Weather you have a big family or your on your own, Ill talior a sytem that best suits you. Equire about the Governmant rebates on offer today!

Servicing Repairs And Instalations.

Restricted Electrical Licenced Allowing

– Thermostat Replacement              – Element Replacement

– Fault Find & Rectify, All Types      – Low Pressure

– Anode Replacement                        – Inconsistant Hot Water

– Installation, All Types                     – Running Out Of Hot Water


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