Hot Water Systems

Hot Water Systems

Dealing with a faulty or broken hot water system can be frustrating. The shower not getting hot in the morning. You’re stuck boiling the kettle to wash the dishes. Those problems can be a thing of the past.

RJT Plumbing & Gas Solutions provide expert service for Hot Water System repair and installation. We’ll help you get the hot shower you’ve been dreaming about.

Say goodbye to leaks or freezing cold water, and say hello to a freshly repaired Hot Water System. Maybe it’s time to get a new Solar Hot Water System.

With over 20 years’ experience in the hot water industry, RJT has seen it all. RJT Plumbing and Gas have experience with all types of hot water units. Including Gas Hot Water Systems, Electric Hot Water Systems and Solar Hot Water Systems.

If you need an emergency after hours plumber, or just want to book a weekday visit, contact RJT Plumbing & Gas Solutions.

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Why service a Hot Water System?

RJT can work on any type of Hot Water System you have. You may be asking, why do I need a service for my hot water system – or how often should I service my hot water system.

The reason you service a hot water heater regularly is to prolong its life. A system that is constantly used is going to encounter some plumbing problems during its life. A qualified plumber can detect the signs of problems before a major issue occurs.

Some common hot water problems include:

  • Discoloured water
  • Not producing hot water
  • Hot water runs out quickly
  • The tanks makes banging or whistling sounds
  • Leaking water around the tank
  • The pilot light on a gas hot water system regularly goes out
  • The pilot light won’t ignite on a gas hot water system


RJT Plumbing & Gas Solutions has knowledge of all hot water systems. Our expert technicians will always give you good advice and long term solutions.

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RJT Plumbing & Gas Solutions are fully qualified to work on and install Electric Hot Water Systems, Solar Hot Water Systems and Gas Hot Water Systems.

Need a New Hot Water System?

Whether you need your hot water system repaired or replaced, RJT has got you covered. Contact us now to get started.