Hot Water Systems

Hot Water System

Some of the few water heaters that have been installed over the years, also some of the solar panels that have been repaired and cleaned to ensure maximum solar gain and efficiency. Note maximum lagging on the hot outlet and inlet pipe to improve efficiency. Does your water heater look like this?

Stormwater Replacement

Storm Water Replacement

This particular job was difficult in the sense that we couldn’t get machinery in. It would have made a complete mess of the area anyway. Located via our camera, we found that this section of line was collapsed due to no drainage gravel being used to support the pipe.

Water Tank Replacement

Water Tank After

This wasn’t so much a difficult job, just the removal of the existing tanks and placing the new tanks. Note the drop off on the hill. A lot of care was taken to ensure the new tanks weren’t damaged in the placement. Before After Thanks to all the guys and girls that helped out on […]